Under the Spotlight: Red Fox

Our unique twist on the very same Red Leicester we put under the spotlight a few months ago. The cunningly unexpected crunch that makes Red Fox so memorable is completely unique in Red Leicester, creating a distinctively sweet and savoury cheese that could easily replace Cheddar as your day-to-day cheese of choice.

Did you know?

Calcium lactate crystals are what gives Red Fox its uniquely moreish crunch – developed during the maturing process. Though typically avoided by the cheese lover, with Red Fox we put these naturally-occurring crystals to work – making something previously undesirable very much desirable once again. You’ll wonder why you were ever put off by Calcium crystals once you try Red Fox.

Perfect food pairing

If Red Leicester is versatile, and it is, Red Fox is even more so. A recent favourite Red Fox recipe is the Red Fox and tomato tortilla bake. As good now as it was when we first put it down on paper. It’s a firm fixture of many of the Belton team’s weekday menu, in fact – you couldn’t ask for a better vote of confidence than that.

Did you know?

The titular red fox that inspired our cheese is actually something of a mascot for Belton. We have had a weather vane on top of our farm for decades, and what does that weather vane feature? You guessed it – a red fox. Red foxes will always be near and dear to our hearts as a result, so when it came to naming our very own twist on a classic cheese, the Red Fox name was too good to pass up.

Perfect drink pairing

Just like traditional Red Leicester, Red Fox goes beautifully with wine, pale ale, bitters and even whisky – so long as you find the right bottle and flavour profile. If you happen to stumble upon any particularly strong pairings that you simply have to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

 – Pinot Grigio

 – Shiraz

 – Wheat Beer