28 Royal Cheshire County Show Award Wins for Belton Farm Cheeses

Following our success at the British Cheese Awards, we are just as delighted to announce our success at the Royal Cheshire County Show.

After more than a handful of busy days at the 180th Royal Cheshire Show, we were named Reserve Champions for the third year in a row with our Vintage Red Fox cheese. And if that wasn’t enough, we received a total of 28 awards and 5 trophies including the Cheshire Cheese Association Perpetual Trophy for Most Points in Show.

The full list of awards can be found below. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information, or have any questions. Failing that though, watch this space to see how we get on at the International Cheese Awards in just under a month’s time…


Reserve Champion
Perpetual Challenge Trophy

– Vintage Red Fox Trad.

Farmhouse Cheshire Federation Trophy

– Coloured Cheshire Trad.

The Westminister Challenge Trophy

– Coloured Cheshire Trad.

The Noden Trophy

– Display of British Cheese on a Cheeseboard

Cheshire Cheese Association Perpetual Trophy

– Most Points in Show



Class 801/6                     White Cheshire Trad.                

Class 802/10                   Coloured Cheshire Trad.

Class 803/16                   White Cheshire Trad.

Class 807/46                   Crumbly Lancashire Block

Class 809/55                   Double Gloucester Trad.

Class 810/60                   Red Leicester Trad.

Class 811/65                   Vintage Red Fox Trad.

Class 812/75                   Red Fox Block

Class 813/82                   Wensleydale Trad.

Class 820/112                 Organic Caerphilly Block

Class 826/170                 Display of British Cheese on a Cheeseboard



Class 801/5                     White Cheshire Trad.

Class 803/15                   White Cheshire Trad.

Class 810/61                   Red Leicester Block

Class 811/66                   White Fox Trad.

Class 812/72                   Red Leicester Crunch Trad.

Class 813/79                   Wensleydale Trad.

Class 818/107                 Mature Cheshire Trad.              

Class 820/113                 Organic Red Leicester Block                 



Class 805/28                   Mature Cheddar Trad.

Class 806/35                   Extra Mature Cheddar Trad.

Class 807/47                   Crumbly Lancashire Block

Class 808/50                   Creamy Lancashire Block

Class 809/54                   Double Gloucester Block

Class 811/67                   White Cheshire Trad.

Class 813/81                   Wensleydale Block

Class 818/108                 Mature Cheshire Trad.

Class 820/116                 Organic Red Leicester Crunch Trad.