At Belton Farm we believe that to make the best quality cheese we need to use the best quality milk.

We achieve this by sourcing all of our milk from a dedicated group of local dairy farmers, all of whom are committed to delivering the highest standards of animal health, welfare and husbandry, regarding themselves as stewards of the land they farm on for both this and future generations.

Belton Farm is proud to be part of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme. Red Tractor is the largest and only food scheme that offers full traceability of products, from farm to pack.

Part of the Red Tractor logo is the union flag which indicates all our handcrafted cheese is made using milk from British farms. In fact all our milk producers are within a 25 mile radius of our Dairy and the Red Tractor Assurance standards make sure that our farmers are competent to look after animals, understand their needs and that the animals’ health and welfare is regularly checked.

The Red Tractor accreditation means that the cows have a living space which is safe and comfortable and that all of them have unlimited access to fresh, clean drinking water and well-balanced diets.

Our Farm Liaison Manager maintains strong relationships with our farmers and knows them all personally. Working with AHDB Dairy, we organise monthly meetings, including visits to farms to view new technology or initiatives, practical workshops on animal husbandry, and lectures from invited speakers.

Belton cows live healthy, comfortable lives all year round

First direct milk producer signed by Belton 1998

We source every drop of milk from within a 25 mile radius

Corporate Social Responsibility

In everything we do, Belton Farm is committed to behaving in a responsible and accountable manner and as such, Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to how we act across all areas of our business. We recognise that we must care for and sustain today’s world for future generations and treat that responsibility seriously.

Belton was one of the first cheesemakers to run a carbon footprint programme both at business level and with our local farmers. This programme, along with solar generation and other energy efficiency projects, has driven a carbon footprint reduction of 8% in 3 years.

Alongside our commitment to working closely with local farmers, Belton Farm is also a keen supporter of local schools, charities and sponsors the local rugby club.