Belton Farm named Supreme Champion at the International Cheese and Dairy Awards 2018

We are delighted to announce that we have been crowned Supreme Champion at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards in Nantwich. This is in addition to a combined 40 trophies and class award wins for Belton Farm Great British Cheese Makers.

Justin Beckett, Managing Director of Belton Farm said of the win, “After the judges tasted over 5,000 cheese entries, being awarded the Supreme Champion is testament to our fantastic team of cheesemakers – who have over 100 years of experience between them -, the quality of the milk our dedicated group of local farmers supply us with and, above all, the commitment of all at Belton Farm to make great tasting British cheese.

“Being awarded the Supreme Champion for our traditionally-made coloured Cheshire cheese reflects our passion for producing great tasting cheese, and that here in Great Britain we have some of the very best cheese made anywhere in the world.”

Alison Taylor & Justin Beckett

The International Cheese & Dairy Awards is, as the name suggests, the biggest event on the cheesemaking calendar. Every year over 300 cheese experts judge over 5,000 cheese – this year a staggering 5,183 cheese and dairy entries in just a few hours, so we were waiting with bated breath to hear the results.

Our 11 trophies, 17 gold, 8 silver and 4 bronze awards are listed out in full below.



Supreme Champion

The Daresbury Cup

The Haughmond Trophy

The Cheshire East Council Trophy

The CHr Hansen Double Gloucester Cheese Trophy

Label Design Trophy

Past Masters Award

The RELCO Award

The National Westminster Trophy

The Champion UK Trophy

The Ted Hassall Memorial Trophy

The National Westminster Cup


Gold Awards

Class DP3                       Coloured Cheshire Trad.

Class DP4                       Mild Cheddar Trad.

Class DP13                     Double Gloucester Trad.

Class DP15                     Caerphilly Trad.

Class DP46                     White or Coloured Cheshire

Class DP51                     Mature Double Gloucester exceeding 6 months of age

Class DP53                     Wensleydale

Class DP54                     Derby

Class DP64                     Non-Traditional Cheddar

Class DP65                     Non-Traditional Territorial

Class DP90                     Hard Cheese with Savoury Additives

Class DP133                   Hard Pressed Speciality Cheese

Class DP221                   Organic Cheddar

Class DP244                   Territorial Cheese

Class DP372                   Past Masters

Class DP377                   Territorial – UK Exhibitors

Class DP380                   Speciality – UK Exhibitors


Silver Awards

Class DP20                     Best English Farmhouse/Traditional Cheddar

Class DP45                     White Cheshire

Class DP52                     Caerphilly

Class DP56                     Red Leicester

Class DP57                     Territorial Cheese – Any Type

Class DP130                   Whole White or Coloured Cheddar Type

Class DP131                   Whole White or Coloured Acid Type

Class DP222                   Organic Hard Pressed


Bronze Awards

Class DP2                       White Cheshire Trad.

Class DP9                       Crumbly Lancashire Trad.

Class DP16                     Wensleydale Trad.

Class DP383                   Red Tractor Assured Food Standards