Cheese Too Good To Waste

Helping you cut down on food waste, one ingredient at a time.

Cheese is a staple in most fridges, mixed into sauces or pasta, or just enjoyed on a sandwich. We make Belton Farm cheese with fresh milk, collected daily from a group of local dedicated family dairy farms that are all based within a 25-mile radius of the dairy.

We have also been working on-site and with our farmers to reduce our carbon footprint for several years. 


Our cheese is to good too waste – Read on for our cheese tips:


The door is the warmest part of the fridge, so keep cheese on the shelves, if you can. Try to store cheese away from strong-smelling foods such as chopped onions to prevent it from picking up its smells.



Did you know you can freeze cheese?

For the best results, freeze your cheese as soon as possible once opened and within the ‘best before date.’ We recommend defrosting overnight in the fridge and then remove from the fridge around 20 minutes before using, to bring it to room temperature. You may find the cheese slightly more crumbly after freezing.



We have several quick and easy recipes using our delicious Belton cheese. Visit our recipe page for some tasty ideas: