Under the Spotlight: Sage Derby

A Smooth, creamy Derby cheese marbled with a delicate sage infusion. One of our two vat made additive cheese alongside the Belton Port Wine Derby. Sage Derby is one of our most marvelled at cheese, but can also be poorly understood. Where do you use it? What does it go with? We will endeavour to answer all of these questions, and more, below.

Did you know?

Production of Sage Derby is believed to have started in the seventeenth century, as one of many festive treats rolled out for Christmas and harvest time. The demand was so great, that Sage Derby simply had to become available all year round – which it still is to this day.

Perfect food pairing

The additional dimension of flavour that sage adds in Sage Derby makes it perfect as a standalone snacking cheese. Whether it sits at the heart of a cheeseboard, or happens to be the one cheese you lift out of the fridge to pile onto crackers, Sage Derby is a cheese that should be appreciated on its own terms. However, Sage is often used alongside poultry, so Sage Derby goes very well with chicken; either cold in a salad, sandwich or melted into stuffing.

Did you know?

Surprisingly, it is believed that sage leaves were originally added, not for taste or even aesthetics, but for their health benefits. During the seventeenth century, sage was added to Derby Cheese, as it was believed to have powerful medicinal properties.

Perfect drink pairing

Sage Derby is a perfect fit for a crisp, dry Chardonnay – bringing out the sage flavour in the cheese rather than overwhelming it. The same goes for Beaujolais, or for the more wine averse amongst you, India or Pale Ale (and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at that) goes particularly well with Sage Derby too.

 – Chardonnay

 – Beaujolais

 – India Ale