420 acres of North Shropshire farmland, proudly and organically farmed since 2002

Our farm can be found on the Shropshire/Cheshire border, a beautiful part of the world surrounded by glorious countryside, with rich, green pastures perfect for cows to freely graze on throughout the year.

We produce cereals, wheat for milling, organic oats for porridge or animal feed, red and white clover for grazing cows and sheep. The clover we produce is then sold to our local milk producers, which also hold organic status. There is no aspect of the Belton Farm supply chain that isn’t organic, in fact.

There are five major benefits to organic farming. Organic produce contains fewer pesticides than any other method of farming, and is completely free of artificial colours, preservatives and GM ingredients. Cows on organic farms are inherently free range if they are organic, but with the highest standards of animal welfare seen in the farming industry.

Belton Farm cheese is made from organic milk, sourced within a 25 mile radius of our farmland. That means that Belton Farm cheese is made, quite frankly, as it should be. It’s cheese that you can trust, from trusted sources, and a completely traceable supply chain. Farming in this way requires commitment and attention to detail, which is then backed up with rigorous annual inspections from independent authorities.

Animal welfare is, of course, a critical part of organic farming and our high standards in this regard are certified all over the world. We like to think of organic farming as working with nature – on the one hand protecting natural resources like fresh water and healthy soils, and on the other, actively encouraging cows to forage and graze. Organic cows are always free range, and as such, they have plenty of space and fresh air to thrive and grow. Finally, and this should go without saying, Belton Farm cows are never pushed to their milk producing limits.

All of this means that Belton Farm cheese is cheese as it should be. Cheese you can trust. Great tasting cheese that consistently wins awards, and with a range of British territorial organic cheeses that includes Cheshire, Wensleydale, Lancashire, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester and Cheddar, there is something for everyone.