Supreme Champion 2018

We are delighted to announce that our Coloured Cheshire has been crowned Supreme Champion at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards in Nantwich.

Coloured Cheshire

A local speciality and where it all started for the Beckett family.

Our Cheshire cheese is light and crumbly with subtle hints of fresh citrus. The slightly salty taste is distinctive to the area our milk comes from as cows feed on the rich pastures of the Cheshire Plain, with its underlying rock salt deposits. The Cheshire Plain extends from the Mersey Valley in the north to the Shropshire Hills in the south. The addition of a touch of annatto, a natural plant extract, during the cheese making process gives a light amber colour to the cheese.

Beer and wine pairings

icon--glass-white Chardonnay
icon--glass-red Beaujolais
icon--beer India Ale

Serve beers and ales chilled to your own taste but we recommend serving white wine at 45°F and red wine at 60°F.

Remove the cheese from the refrigerator 30 to 60 minutes prior to serving to allow the cheese to rest.