Suitable for Vegetarians

We make our Lancashire to a traditonal bespoke recipe that gives the cheese its distinctive characteristics. Our Lancashire is crumbly and mild with a refreshingly zesty flavour. It is a young cheese and is characterised by being bright-white, with a fresh milky finish and sharp in flavour.

Lancashire stays perfectly on your toast when melted, it doesn’t flow like a Cheddar. It can also take pride of place on an after-dinner cheeseboard.


Block 1 x 20kg
Wheel 1 x 4kg



Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Rennet
Contains Milk



Royal Cheshire Show 2019 – Gold Award & Farmhouse Lancashire Federation Trophy Winner

International Cheese Awards 2019 – Gold Award Winner

Global Cheese Awards 2019 – Gold Award Winner


Serving suggestions

  • Ideal for crumbling onto salads or as part of a sandwich
  • A superb melting cheese for topping a jacket potato
  • Part of an after dinner cheeseboard


Beer and wine pairings

 – Alsace Gewürztraminer

 – Pinot Noir

 – Traditional Bitter


Ham, Leek and Lancashire Cheese Bread & Butter Pudding