Suitable for Vegetarians

A local speciality and where it all started for the Beckett family.

Our Cheshire cheese is light and crumbly with subtle hints of fresh citrus.The slightly salty taste is distinctive to the area our milk comes from as cows feed on the rich pastures of the Cheshire Plain, with its underlying rock salt deposits.






Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Rennet.
Contains Milk



International Cheese Awards 2019 – Gold Award & Trophy Winner

British Cheese Awards 2019 – Gold Award Winner


Serving suggestions

  • Ideal for crumbling into sandwiches and salads
  • Delicious on toast as the cheese stays on the toast no flowing over the sides
  • Perfect to finish a meal with a slice of apple pie


Beer and wine pairings

 – Chardonnay or Riesling

 – Beaujolais

 – A classic pale ale