Double Gloucester

Suitable for Vegetarians

Smooth with a creamy, buttery flavour, rich and nutty yet mellow with a straw like colour from the addition of natural plant extract, annatto.

Double Gloucester is a particularly good melting cheese. Aside from that, Double Gloucester’s texture has enough bite to make for a satisfying snack in its own right.

There are fewer more enjoyable snacks than a thick slice of Double Gloucester on a biscuit.



Block 1 x 20kg
1/16 Block 4 x 1.24kg
Trad 1 x 12kg
1/12Trad 3 x 1kg
Wheel 4 x 4kg
1/2 Wheel 2 x 2kg
Prepack 8 x 179g



Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Annatto, Rennet
Contains Milk



International Cheese Awards 2019 – Gold Award & Winner of the John Beckett Trophy

Great Yorkshire Show 2019 – Gold & Silver Award Winner


Serving suggestions

• Grate into a simple cheese and onion soup

• Cubed with grapes for a mid-morning snack

• A superb melting cheese for a satisfying cheese toasty


Beer and wine pairings

 – Sancerre

 – Zinfandel

 – British Pale Ale


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