Red Leicester

Suitable for Vegetarians

We make our Red Leicester to a traditional bespoke recipe that gives the cheese its distinctive characteristics, it is rich, savoury and nutty with a rugged texture.

Our Red Leicester is slightly sweet with an almost caramel flavour which builds up a more robust taste during the maturing process. A natural colouring, annatto is added to the cheese to denote its richness and creaminess.



Block 1 x 20kg
1/16 Block 4 x 1.22kg
Wheel 1 x 4kg
1/2 Wheel 2 x 2kg
Prepack 8 x 179g



Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Annatto, Rennet
Contains Milk



International Cheese Awards 2023 – Gold Award Winner


Serving suggestions

• Ideal for grating into an omelette for great taste and a dash of colour

• A superb melting cheese for topping Nachos

• Colourful addition to an after dinner cheeseboard


Beer and wine pairings

 – Sauvignon Blanc

 – Rioja

 – British Bitter or Pilsner lager


Red Leicester Burgers with Tomato and Onion Relish