Sage Derby

Suitable for Vegetarians

Smooth, creamy Derby cheese marbled with a delicate sage infusion.

Sage Derby Cheese is England’s oldest and most famous cheese originally made only for special occasions such as Harvest and Christmas. Traditional Sage Derby has an open texture with a smooth creamy body and a nutty flavour.

This cheese is a ‘vat-made’ cheese, which involves the Sage being added to the cheese-make. It has smooth melting characteristics that pairs with everything from fresh fruits, vegetables to poultry dishes.



1/2 Wheel 2 x 2kg
Prepack 8 x 179g



Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Sage Leaves, Rennet, Chlorophyll: (Colour)
Contains Milk



International Cheese Awards 2023 – Gold Award Winner


Serving suggestions

• Delicious grated into a pasta

• Enjoy as a snack

• Savoury cheese scones


Beer and wine pairings

 – Chardonnay

 – Beaujolais

 – India Ale


Belton Farm Sage Derby Cheese Scones