Smoked Red Fox

The complex blend of sweet and savoury distinctive flavours of the Red Fox, matured for between 16-18 months and naturally smoked over Oak chips.

Although smoking is a traditional method of preserving food, smoked cheese, which dates back to Roman times, also developed as a means of imparting extra flavour.  

The russet coloured cheese has a cunningly unexpected crunch, from the naturally occurring calcium lactate crystals which form as the cheese matures.



1/16 Block 2 x 1.45kg

Prepack 8 x 200g



Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Annatto (Norbixin), Rennet

Contains: Milk


Serving suggestions

  • Delicious grated and melted over Nachos

  • Adding that extra kick to a Cheese and Onion Pie

  • Perfect to top a Belton Burger  


Beer and wine pairings

Alsace Gewurztraminer

– Shiraz

Porter or a Stout 


Loaded Cheesy Nachos